Hello, my name is Robloxian Dynasty and Welcome to my website. This Website will provide you many Exploits to help you in Roblox. Many of which these are Scripts, you’ll rarely see me upload videos on Lua Cmds. Enjoy your Exploits!

This Video you will learn how to get Free Group Funds. This GUI basically finds groups without a owner. This does Requires some kinds of Builders Club because in Order to claim Ownership of a group you must have some sort of Builders Club. This Could be Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club and Lastly Outrageous Builders Club. Having any of following BC will allow to to claim Ownership is any Group that doesn’t have a Owner. Most of the Groups that are found by the bot are private so, it take some time and grinding to hit a group that is public and has funds. This GUI/Bot could to used to get Free groups. Upon finding groups with finds, many people have found public groups, with no funds. But that is still a Free Group to Claim.

Before I start telling you about the video, let me tell you that in order to obtain this exploit it requires a level 7. A level 7 is a script extractor that obviously executes scripts. So if you have a level 7 this is for you. Click on the download link to get the script. So after your in game and have executed the script, its pops up a detailed GUI with a lot of options. Options to teleport through out the Jailbreak Map, Criminal base if you want to escape fast, Jewelry store, Bank, if you want to farm up some money. It allows you to teleport almost anywhere in the map. Also has speed and Jump hack as well. This is the best Jailbreak Script/ Hack/ Exploit if you want to farm up a lot of Money!

My most Popular video on the channel. One of the most viewed Roblox Exploits on YouTube! This Exploit Requires a Level 7 as well, in order to execute the script. This is probably the most over powered exploit, it give you like 999,999,999+ strength,speed and everything needed in the game by a few clicks. You just have to click the speed button and you get a lot of speed, same for everything. Because this game is really easy to hack, it gets boring quickly. You pretty much have everything in a matter of secs, I only played the time I rec the video. Never went back to play again. One of the most powerful Roblox exploits ever, and my most viewed video.

This website is made and designed by Robloxian Dyansty. If you don't know me well, I own the site
and post Exploits on a lot of games in Roblox. I am not of the oldest exploiter out there but I
been there for quite a while. I been a exploiter for like 1 year not, really to long. But there are
some people that have got me into this cancerous community, known as Pain Exist mainy and Dolphin Hacks.